Lyfe of Saynt George

Legenda Aurea's inspired booklet, with letterpress and woodcut printing.  

Letterpress and woodcut printing

letterpress and woodcuts

Text composed with metal type and handmade woodcuts (capital S in the form of the dragon on the image above) in cherrywood.

The Lyfe of Saynt George is based on William Caxton's translation of The Golden Legend, which was published in Westminster in 1483.

The Golden Legend (Latin: Legenda Aurea), compiled by Jacobus de Voragine in the second half of the 13th century, was a very popular collection of hagiographies.

This booklet edition has eight pages with an adaptation of the chapter about the life of Saint George and includes four original woodcuts: the capital S that marks the beginning of the text, two illustrations with scenes from the text, and the cover image.

The initial concept for this project was to create a booklet featuring the story of a different Saint from this renowned medieval work. However, as the project progressed, additional ideas began to emerge. Nevertheless, the core concept of producing a series of small booklets remains the foundation of this edition.

These individual booklets can eventually be compiled into a comprehensive book. However, the specific number of chapters and the frequency of future editions have yet to be determined.

The first edition (July 2023) is sold out. 

Woodblock with St. George Slaying the dragon.


The woodcuts for this edition are hand cut on blocks of cherrywood. 

Woodblock print on handmade paper.

handmade paper

This booklet is printed on high quality handmade linen laid paper from Ruscombe Paper Mill.

Saynt George was a knyght and borne in Capadose...