woodcut and letterpress printing


Prelo Prints* is a project born from the love for letterpress and all forms of early print, its techniques, and history. On this website, we keep a record of our projects related to letterpress, woodcut printing, and the history of printing. 

Since 2020, Prelo Prints has been a hub of creativity, producing beautifully crafted books, broadsides, and woodcut illustrations, inspired by works from the late Medieval and early Renaissance periods. The uniqueness of this project isn't just the commitment to preserving the techniques of the past. It's also the passion and dedication that goes into every piece of work. By using the same tools and methods as the first-generation European printers, Prelo Prints offers pieces that are truly authentic and unique. With a focus on craftsmanship, authenticity, and creativity, Prelo Prints is the perfect place to explore the world of early printing and discover a new appreciation for this ancient art form.

*Prelo (from the Latin prelum) is an old Portuguese term for the Printing Press. 


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Moveable type

the lyfe of saynt margarete

The printing of a 15th-century booklet.

Printing press

printing press

Planning and building a one-pull press. 

Woodblock prints

tabula smaragdina

Alchemy broadside with an intricate woodcut.