Middle-english version based on the edition from 1484 by William Caxton

Aesop Fables

This middle-English version of the popular Aesop Fables is based on the translation from French to English made by William Caxton (ca. 1422 - ca. 1491), considered to be England’s first printer.

The text is adapted from the book printed at Westminster in 1484 by Caxton himself. 

This edition was printed in Maribo, Denmark, from February to October 2021, with a total of 34 copies. Each book is handbound in goat parchment, which makes every copy unique.  

Printed on handmade laid paper made at the Paper and Watermark Museum (”Museo della carta e della filigrana”) in the city of Fabriano, Italy, the oldest paper mill still in function, since the 13th-century.  
The text was composed with moveable type (Nürnberger Schwabacher) cast by Mr. Rainer Gerstenberg in one of the last European type foundries, in Darmstadt, Germany.

All the images and capital letters are woodcuts entirely made by hand, with 3 types of wood: boxwood, cherry, and limewood.

Entirely handprinted on a 15th-century reproduction wooden Printing Press. All the small “smudges and blots”, uneven pressure, and all the other small details throughout the pages, shows the result of 9 months of printing work — spanning through late winter, spring, summer, and autumn — where all the changes in temperature and humidity (and at one point also the location of the printing works) translates in how the Press behaves and the very result of each print.

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